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a total rethink for a structural wall finishing

a design reinvention of Textile Wallcovering






Established in 2023, we offer innovative textile wallcoverings made of finest european first rate fabrics & highest quality materials.

Together with craftsmanship and outstanding workmanship, tailored to perfection for your building or interior design project.




Arqitex to BUILD 

is a lightweight woven fabric that covers and finishes newbuild walls. The horizontally oriented wallcovering is applied seamlessly. The 300cm/120" wide textile fabric masks and armours wallcracks and expansion jointsArqitex is non-combustible, is dimensionally stable and vapour-permeable.

Arqitex is suitable for on-site building as well as off-site constructing.


Arqitex to Design 

is a gentle both robust textile wallcovering which finishes interiors seamlessly with a soft touch. Stylish and Fashionable with a nod to the past _ but without the seams.

Arqitex is 100% circular and meets all requirements for New Generation Interior Designers.









One Easy Way to Smooth Walls.

Arqitex is an easy wall finish that finishes the wall evenly, sturdy and armoured. Suitable for intense used (public) spaces. The textile wall covering is seamlessly applied and covers little bumbs, didges _and bridges cracks! Excellent for new (woodbased) building materials and drybuild processes. Arqitex is ofcoarse vapour permeable.



Arqitex covers and decorates walls evenly and seamlessly with decorative colors and effects and designs without repeat. It touches sound softly and is soft when being touched.









Our standard product range consist of 3 whites and 3 black fabrics. But, _we like to alter Arqitex to tailor fit your building project.

  • We focus on a high level of customization concerning: size, fire resistance, anti bacterial, antifunghal, water and dirt-repellent, anti-static, solvent-free _a.s.o.
  • Specific demands on design and style is part of our challenge to serve you on your project concening fabric type, decoration, color, routing and signing.



A standard range of 16 yarn-dyed mixed colours, succesfull and fashionable for home, office and utility projects.

Besides, we can serve you any color & woven structure. Custom-made as a standard offer !


Design special services**

With our design service Bespoke Tailoring we go to the highest level on service. We like to design seamlessly together with you, for you .We offer you countless options and creative posibilities, producible in smaller series. Our aim is to transform Arqitex to fit to your ideas and project demands.  

We like to inspire you with outstanding Murals and creative (infinite) Walldesigns made in cooperation with our network designers, guest designers or your personal star*-designer.







Call us to schedule an appointment, we look forward to meeting you !